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Schools Used FinalForms to Send 4.5M Emails in March

While your staffers may think "forms" when they hear FinalForms, our stats tell us there is an even more popular use for our online registration system: email communication. Staying connected with staff, parents, and students can be an uphill battle. However, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, email communication is a critical lifeline. Staffers relied on FinalForms' uninterrupted, zero-delay service to send 4.5 million emails last month. 

"Seeing the 4.5 million email mark in one-month was astounding. Knowing those connections meant so much to parents and students is profound,"
– Clay Burnett, FinalForms CEO

While sending emails is one thing, sending emails to specific sets of staff, parents, and students is another. Sometimes a message that is important for parents may be inappropriate for students, or a message for seniors is irrelevant to underclassmen, or a message for the staff at one building may not concern that of another. It gets complex.  

Beyond that, ensuring communications are retained is a legal obligation that must be observed. 

Add it all up, and FinalForms shines through as a top option for school district communication. 

FinalForms delivers the email options that you need to keep your support system informed.

Check out some of the scenarios that lead to improved connections and increased effectiveness with a school district. 

1. District Leaders Increase Reach and Save Time

If you're a superintendent, can you quickly reach 100% of your staff, parents, and students with one button, one headline, and one message? Is it easily done any time, anywhere, from any device with appropriate access? If not, how much time is being wasted on duplicated efforts? Do you have the right tools in place?

Connect with your technology team to identify areas for improvement. If your district has been using the same system for mass emails since the 2000s, you’re due for an upgrade. FinalForms can make that upgrade both brief and painless. 

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2. Technology Directors: Empower Staffers

If you're a school technology director, offloading responsibilities to your staff is key to your sanity. You need simplicity, efficiency, and a better system about 10-minutes ago, right? 

Give your staff appropriate permissions they need so you're not always a middle-man. Your staff can intuitively drill down to the correct list, without complicated interfaces and choices.

How many times have you had to send messages on their behalf? Stop the insanity. 

3. The Central Office Becomes a Command Center 

It's called the "Central Office" for a reason, right? You're at the center of it all. You've need options to connect with staffers by building, by role, or by title to relay timely information. Messages originating from the Central Office have far reaching impact on parent perceptions, coach compliance, and student safety. There's never been a time where your connections have held such importance as they do right now. 

Do you have the options you need at your fingertips to make an impact?

4. Teachers Connect with Classes and Clubs

How quickly can you connect with your biology students, parents of students on your a field trip, or your robotics club kids? It should be easy right? 

FinalForms provides the ability to submit class, group, and club rosters for approval. Once approved, you've got a line of communication to provide itineraries and updates that keep everyone informed. Beyond that, you have appropriate emergency medical information at your fingertips if things go wrong, which can happen. 

5. Coaches Connect with Athletes

Today's high school athlete requires 24/7 attention. You must be able to provide plans, updates, and guidance any time, anywhere. Can you do that via any method other than texting right now? It's time to move beyond texting to "CYA".

FinalForms email options help you eliminate the potential pitfalls and accusations that can come from misinterpreted or missing text messages. 

6. Protect Your District with Electronic Records Retention

How many controversies originate from an electronic message or missing information? FinalForms offers time-stamped email retention including sender, recipient, and message as well as time-stamped form updates. 

Why? Knowing what a teacher said in an email, when mom updated the medical status, or when the athlete received the physical expiration notification can save you hundreds of hours, sleepless nights, and innumerable headaches that ultimately lead to less job satisfaction. 

Ready to Join the 80,000+ staffers using FinalForms to stay connected??

If you’re ready to bring a new level of connection and community to your district, FinalForms can help.

With the right communication options in place, you can save your entire support system a lot of time and eliminate exposure.

Schedule a demo today to find out how your can use FinalForms to improve communication—delivering more value to students and families along the way.


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