School district management

K12 Management

3 Essential Steps to K12 Student Data Management: 1. Collect  2. Verify  3. Distribute


  • Parents apply, enroll, and register in their native language, using mobile devices.

  • Parents may also upload required documents.

  • Administrators receive applicant and enrollment notifications.


  • Staff reviews information, enrollment statuses, and non-compliance alerts.

  • Administrators send reminders to parents prompting required action.

  • Staffers verify rosters, request groups, and manage communication.


  • Staffers access appropriate, real-time emergency medical info.

  • Administrators review student data and approve for distribution to SIS.

  • FinalForms disseminates and creates reports and rosters.

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FinalForms helps streamline student enrollment, registration, and information management in one centralized system.

New Student Enrollment

  • Applications
  • School Choice
  • Placement
  • Withdrawals
  • Re-enrollment

Back-to-School Forms

  • Handbooks
  • Policies
  • Opt-Ins
  • Releases
  • Fees
  • Time-Stamped Form Updates

Automated Alerts

  • IEP/ETR Expirations
  • Transfers
  • Eligibility
  • Missed Attendances
  • Health Conditions
  • Missing Signatures
  • Missing Equipment

Roster Management

  • Classrooms, Bus Route, Clubs, Field Trips
  • Communication
  • Attendance
  • Eligibility

Medical Information

  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Injury/Illness Reports
  • Mental Health Alerts, Reminders

Inventory Management

  • Laptops and Loaners
  • Class/Classroom Equipment

Next Steps?

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