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Our Team is comprised of competitive, high-performing, forward-thinking former educators who have your best interest in mind. Complete customer satisfaction is our primary focus.

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"The FinalForms team connected with our personnel immediately. They get it. They 'talk school' when other companies just talk tech."
James Neil, Director of Athletics and Activities, Tacoma Public Schools, Tacoma, WA  

Meet The FinalForms Team


Clay Burnett

CEO, 4:09 mile

In 2012, Clay recognized an opportunity to merge twelve years of entrepreneurial experience with his passion for coaching and education to co-found FinalForms.

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Bryan Biedron

Training Coordinator - USA

Bryan's experience as an Assistant Athletic Director, Coach and FinalForms user gives him the ultimate edge when it comes to Our Product. His hands-on expertise in the tips, tricks and shortcuts helps define our training processes. He is dedicated to helping you and your staff successfully launch FinalForms to boost compliance and safety!

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Steve Frucci

Steve Frucci

Sales - Washington

After 30 years in education, including that last 20 as an Athletic Director, Steve joined the FinalForms team. Steve used FinalForms at his high school in his final year on the job. Steve’s technical expertise and knowledge of regulations and compliance in Washington combine to make him a prime resource for your district.

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Steve Jacoby

Sales - California

Steve extends our reach to the sunny shores of California. Steve served as the Associate Athletic Director at St. Mary's College for 21 years. His comprehensive knowledge of compliance, management and operations broadens our expertise. He currently coaches the formidable defensive line at De La Salle High School.

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Our Ambassadors

Strength in Numbers

FinalForms works with Ambassadors across the USA to create awareness, open doors, and influence decisions.

Sarah Bordua

Shanna Hinson
North Carolina

Greg Martz


Macklin Chaffee

CTO, 3:56 mile

Macklin joined his former Coach, Clay, to co-found FinalForms. His technical leadership sets the stage for FinalForms explosive expansion and fast features.

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Suzanne Crump

Sales - Indiana

Suzanne's 33+ years in education as an Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, Teacher and Coach forms the bedrock of our sales team. Her enthusiasm for education, athletics and doing what's best for the customer guides our product and team toward success. Suzanne's experiences illustrate examples of the usefulness of FinalForms.

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Jerry Haggerty

Sales - Michigan

Jerry recently retired after 32 years of service in high school athletics including 16 years as an Athletic Director. He remains active as an administrator at the Ottawa-Kent (OK) Conference. His in-depth knowledge of compliance and standards in Michigan provides your Athletic Department with an expert consultant.

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Julie Renner


Julie brings 23+ years experience in public education to FinalForms. She started her career as a Special Education Teacher then earned licensure as an Athletic Director, Principal and Superintendent. Julie's expertise and personality elevate your FinalForms AMP experience beyond expectations.

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Dave Baker

FinalForms VP

Dave leads the Sales Team with 30+ years in sales and 10+ years as a Coach. His passion for FinalForms defines the tone of conversation for the entire team.

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Chris Ceresa

Sales - Michigan

Chris recently retired from Huron Valley Schools after 33 years in education. Chris served as Athletic Director for 7 years and Director of Fund Development for 3 years. He currently serves the MIAAA by managing integral processes of 2 annual conferences. He expands FinalForms ever-broadening knowledge of compliance and safety.

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Benjamin Herbert

Business Operations Associate, 1:52 Half Mile

Ben's 8+ years in educational technology serve as the foundation of our day-to-day operations. Ben ensures that your entire FinalForms experience, start to finish, exceeds industry standards. His commitment to streamlining customer education and building personal relationships ensure your loyalty year after year.

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Phil Witker

Sales - Ohio

Phil's genuine pride in FinalForms exudes through his enthusiastic personality. He's a former educator with 5 years as Principal and 10 years as a Teacher and Coach. As a Principal, Phil purchased FinalForms and loved it so much, he joined Our Team! His product knowledge serves as an unparalleled resource.

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