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13-Point Checklist: AD Readiness for Next Season

Clay Burnett

As an athletic director, your list of demands, responsibilities, and requirements is exhausting. This summer must hire coaches, clear athletes, inform parents, and prepare venues... and those are just a few to-do's on your list.

The time commitment and communication requirements are daunting, but every year you do it. And, education-based athletics will continue to thrive based on the herculean efforts of people like you.

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Text Messaging on FinalForms is LIVE! Activate "CampusCommand" Today

FinalForms Media

Time: 4:00

We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to your FinalForms experience - the introduction of our new Text Communication feature!

"CampusCommand" exemplifies our commitment to continually improve and streamline your communication within FinalForms, we have developed this text-based communication tool to make communication between administrators, coaches, students, and parents more safe, seamless, and effective.

The best news is, the archive includes all emails (yes, from the past too!), texts, and (soon-to-be) push notifications. 

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Coach Forms: Your Legal, Administrative, and Organizational Advantage

FinalForms Media

Time: 3:00

Your season is going well. Your coaches are fired up about the postseason. This is surely going to be a banner year for your athletic program. But wait… what if… a coach has a medical incident, a parent questions staff conduct, or the state inquires about your compliance with a recent regulation? 

  • Do you have forms in place that distribute medical information to the right hands at the right time?
  • Do you have a time-stamped paper trail of staff signatures on key departmental documents?
  • Do you have proof-positive compliance with state regulations?

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3 Expert Tips for Excelling at the 2022 National Athletic Directors Conference

FinalForms Media

Time: 1:00

This year, the National Athletic Director Conference will be back in Nashville, Tennessee, December 9th-13th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

With 2,000 attendees, 40 workshops, 52 courses offered, and more than 300 exhibitors in attendance, the conference has something for everyone!

Before you go, we've made a list of three expert tips to help you maximize your time at the conference. 

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Athlete Retention: Your Key to Increasing Participation and Engaging Athletes Year After Year

FinalForms Media


Time: 2:00

It’s Fall Sports season. You’ve got your rosters. You’ve got your participation numbers. You’ve got a certified coaching staff. All is well, right?

As your busier-than-ever coaches review their rosters and as your athletes take a moment to meet their teammates, they notice something isn’t quite right… in fact, someone isn’t out for the team. Even worse, it might be tough to contact that athlete and it might be too late to add them to the roster. 

So, how can you identify and contact athletes that were rostered last year, but not this year? Simple. FinalForms “filters” help you retain athletes and increase participation year after year.

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