Getting Started

We can flip your script in just 10 days.

Our leadership created a process and a technology that is designed to alleviate your pain points as soon as possible.

Our staff is specially trained to guide you to success.



Our CEO and coach designed a standard operating process to ensure your satisfaction.

'A' is for Action

  • Identify unique needs.
  • Define success.
  • Agree on terms.

'B' is for Build

  • Customize configurations.
  • Build online forms.
  • Organize student and staff information.
  • Test processes.
  • Ensure satisfaction.

'C' is for Communicate

  • Create playbooks and links for your website, social media, and mass messages.
  • Train your administrators and staff.
  • Deliver playbooks and links to your parents and students.

'D' is for Deploy

  • Launch FinalForms!
  • Collect, verify, and distribute student and staff information.
  • Automate reminders and reports.

'E' is for Evolve

  • Assist with communication processes.
  • Provide feature updates.
  • Review annual usage and statistics.
  • Plan season-to-season and year-to-year updates.
  • Integrate federal and state requirements into processes.
  • Provide ongoing training and refreshers.
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction.

Next Steps?

Our Team is comprised of former Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches. It's time you talk with someone who 'gets it'.