School emergency management

Medical Emergencies

Prepare for the worst case scenario.

You’re losing sleep at night because you're not sure if your teachers and coaches have up-to-date emergency medical information. 

FinalForms E-Cards include real-time medical conditions and health alerts; all securely accessible via mobile device.

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Digital emergency medical information

Have emergency medical info, will travel.

Are you 100% sure that you can access emergency medical info for your staff and students on today’s field trip or event?

Rest assured, FinalForms automates alerts and distributes emergency medical information so you don't have to print and copy those silly cards!

  • Access digital, printable E-Cards.
  • View real-time updates.
  • Receive important notifications.
COVID-19 athlete monitoring

Protect your kids. Protect your coaches.

If your coaches know who needs an epi-pen, what to do with a seizure, or who to call after they administer insulin, they feel a whole lot better about supervising the team.

If your students know that your staff is ready to handle their greatest fear, then they’re learning and playing with confidence when it counts.

  • COVID-19 Use monitoring tools.
  • Collect the info you need.
  • Contact a parents with a single click.
  • Log injury and medical reports.
Student emergency medical information

Save a life.

Saving a life may be simpler than you think. The right information in the right hands at the right time can turn a nightmare into something you never imagined, a big thank you. If your staffers handle an emergency and prevent escalation, it’s likely that they’ll receive public praise. But more importantly, everyone will feel proud to be part of a school that prioritizes safety. 

  • Collect the right information.
  • Place it in the right hands.
  • Prevent worst-case scenarios.

Next Steps?

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