School equipment management


Equipment management moves your bottom line.

How much of your inventory ends up in a bedroom or a closet at home every year?

The cost of laptops, helmets, and crutches are ever-increasing. And the responsibility of students… well, it’s not increasing. 

Explore the FinalForms solution...

One-to-one management


Laptop handout. Equipment pickup. Locker assignment.

We’ve been there. It's not fun. That’s why we have an awesome inventory tool that helps you quickly assign assets to students.

  • Lend laptops.
  • Hand out helmets.
  • Distribute crutches and medical equipment.
Student laptop management


FinalForms makes collection easy by allowing staffers to notify all students with assigned assets to return the items. The messaging can be standardized or customized to include repercussions for missing items.

  • Find that $600 football helmet.
  • Locate the missing laptop.
  • Track down the $300 knee brace.
Student fee management


It’s time to place the order for next year’s inventory. Did you collect fees for your lost items or are you digging deeper into your own pockets to replace the goods? Hold your staff and students accountable for equipment.

  • Notify the coach or teacher.
  • Notify the parent and student.
  • Collect the fees.

Next Steps?

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