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How to Spot Vaporware Before You’re Stuck with an Invoice

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Congratulations, you’ve found the “one-stop-shop”, “all-in-one” technology that does everything for your athletic department. You’re excited, and it’s easy to understand why. We all love technology’s latest and greatest innovations. Heck, maybe it’s even “free”.

We’ve all been in this position before. You GOTTA GET IT, right? Not so fast, Turbo.

Let’s think back to your childhood. Did you ever get that Atari 2700? It was going to be all the rage. Atari promised to elevate their current model with a futuristic matte-black design and space-age controllers. Ads, packages, and pitches were created. Rumors swirled about release dates. Well, those dates never came, and yeah... we’re still salty. 

Your IT Director and Superintendent likely have similar stories when it comes to dealing with vile vendors who over-promised solutions that ultimately failed your staff and students. 

When it comes to education-based athletics, vaporware is a disservice to athletes, coaches, and administrators. Over-promised and under-performing solutions can leave your athletes at risk, your coaches unprepared, and your athletic department open to risk, controversy, and liability headaches. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls of vaporware. Here’s a few easy steps...

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Quick Tips for Getting School Board Buy-In for EdTech Purposes

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Want your school board to embrace your new technology initiative? Preparing your pitch is key.

School boards play a critical role in approving district-wide initiatives including technology. Boards typically want to see your pitch as a puzzle piece that fits nicely into their budget, needs, and strategic plan. They have a responsibility to stakeholders. Good news is, you do too, and that responsibility can unify the board behind your vision. 

We know that some boards can be tough when it comes to tech. There’s a good reason for that. U.S. school districts spend $13 billion annually on new technologies and a whopping $11 billion is wasted on “solutions” that are a poor fit or implemented incorrectly according to Jefferson Education Exchange

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you design a perfect pitch, practical plan, and implementation procedure that will pave the path to success.

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Data-Based Emergency Preparedness: 6 Scary Situations That You’ll Face This Year

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"Emergency preparedness" is skyrocketing as a buzzword in board meetings. How can you best prepare for what promises to be a year full of surprises?

Prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The 5 steps of emergency management. They sound simple, right? Well, we all know that emergencies lasting from 10 seconds to 10 months can have a lasting effect on a school and a community. 

According to Coach & A.D., the number one concern among athletic directors is the health and safety of their staff and students. We assume the concern is shared amongst superintendents and school boards. While administrators care for facilities, maintain equipment, and follow safety guidelines, data management is often overlooked. Any experienced administrator will tell you that accurate information can improve outcomes as much as anything else. 

Let’s take a look at how real-time data can improve outcomes in emergency management in these 6 scary situations.

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Why You Need a Form Management System Built for Athletics

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You have choices when it comes to an athlete management system. You also have the right to be choose-y! Here's the lowdown on finding the right solution for your school. 

We all understand there’s a huge time and cost savings when going electronic. But, what differentiates a basic online forms system versus one built for athletics? Companies who understand that every athletic department, school, and state have unique needs “get it”. After all, schools do business based on relationships. The best products are built based on customer feedback and supported by a team of “school people” that are driven by a mission to serve, not a mission to deliver ads or process credit cards. 

Here is a list of key reasons why you need a form management system built for athletics:

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Schools Used FinalForms to Send 4.5M Emails in March

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While your staffers may think "forms" when they hear FinalForms, our stats tell us there is an even more popular use for our online registration system: email communication. Staying connected with staff, parents, and students can be an uphill battle. However, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, email communication is a critical lifeline. Staffers relied on FinalForms' uninterrupted, zero-delay service to send 4.5 million emails last month. 

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7 Steps to Simplify Online School Registration

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Many districts have the same problems with school registration—even though it’s one of the most critical processes for every school. Getting students to fill out forms is only half the battle. Even if everyone fills their forms out quickly, you often have to manually enter them into a student information system. This isn’t exactly the most efficient and exciting process. Plus, it lends itself to human error. 

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Achieve 100% Form Compliance Before Day One!

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We often receive the following question from district administrators, assistants, and secretaries:

"Do you have any suggestions to drive parent and student action based on your experience with so many districts?"

Excellent question! We understand the dilemma. School districts and athletic departments need specific information to ensure compliance with district policies. Even more important, this information may be used to ensure student safety throughout the day, on trips, and in extracurricular activities. The problem is: Parents are busy and might not realize just how easy it is to complete online forms.

We’re here to help!

We believe there are 3 steps to 100% form completion:

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FinalForms Provides 5 First Year Athletic Directors with Scholarship

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The FinalForms Scholarship, awarded by WSSAAA, provides financial assistance to first-year athletic administrators for the WSSAAA Annual Conference. FinalForms puts forth funds to allow WSSAAA to select 5 athletic administrators attend the conference or participate in NIAAA leadership training courses.

“We consider it an honor to provide the scholarship. FinalForms’ core values revolve around improving education-based athletics,” states Steve Frucci, “By helping these ADs gain education and exposure to best practices, we’re helping to raise the bar.”

“As a first-year Athletic Director, I have been seeking different opportunities to gain Professional Development experiences. The WSSAAA Conference is just one great way for me to learn and make important contacts and connections,” says last year’s recipient Kristin DiJosie of Lakewood High School, “As a result of earning this scholarship, I was able to enroll in a leadership course that counts for credit toward my Certified Athletic Administrator credentials.”

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Clay Burnett honored by Ohio Senate for Remarkable Distinction

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Clay Burnett Photo 2019The Quisenberry Service Award, awarded by the Ohio Senate, recognizes special contributions, leadership and service to interscholastic athletics in Ohio as well as the local and state level. It is presented to an individual from outside the profession of athletic administration who has made powerful improvements and offered quality service to interscholastic athletes.

“It’s truly fulfilling to receive the honor. The recognition of FinalForms’ impact on education-based athletics is an unprecedented distinction for our team, product and service,” claims Burnett, “Our commitment to school district compliance and student safety, as well as the integrity of our staff supports our offering, which drives industry standards in education technology.”

Burnett has led the explosive growth of FinalForms while setting new industry standards, annually doubling revenues, and maintaining a flawless client retention record. Today he's fulfilling his vision of building a team, designing a product, and providing a service that dramatically improves both education and athletics.

“You have striven to better the world around you, and your intuitiveness and integrity has earned you the esteem of all who know you. We are certain that you will continue to put forth the same unwavering commitment to excellence for which you have become known, and your accomplishments will encourage your fellow citizens to join together and enact improvement not only for our state’s prosperity but also for the advancement of tomorrow’s leaders,” wrote Senator Larry Obhof, President of the Ohio Senate.

Burnett accepted the award at the Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association awards banquet in April.

Photo: Left: Clay Burnett; Right: Kevin Leigh, Athletic Director, Padua Franciscan High School.


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