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Text Messaging on FinalForms is LIVE! Activate "CampusCommand" Today

Time: 4:00

We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to your FinalForms experience - the introduction of our new Text Communication feature!

"CampusCommand" exemplifies our commitment to continually improve and streamline your communication within FinalForms, we have developed this text-based communication tool to make communication between administrators, coaches, students, and parents more safe, seamless, and effective.

The best news is, the archive includes all emails (yes, from the past too!), texts, and (soon-to-be) push notifications. 

The Communication Features You Dream About

We built CampusCommand based on your feedback! We are confident that these features will significantly improve your day-to-day communication processes beyond any texting tool you've ever used. Beyond your management experience, we believe that your staff, parents, and students will benefit from both automated reminders and custom messages being delivered to their mobile devices. 

For Administrators: Staff, Parent, and Student Communication

We hear you when you say “Parents forget to check their emails”. Now, you can send messages to your staff, parents, students, and athletes through instant text messages.

Create the lists that you want.
Customize recipient lists by sorting, filtering, or searching by any criteria to create recipient lists including staff, parents, and/or students.

- EX: "Staff coaching a winter sport at North High School"
- EX: "Parents of 2nd grade students riding bus 2 on the zoo field trip"

Retain records per requirements.
Access archived communication records in a searchable, filterable communications archive including message, sender, recipients, date, time, as well as deliverability. 

- EX: "Messages sent by John Smith, that included recipient Bill Jones, between 1/1/24 and 1/31/24"

The best news is, the archive includes all emails (yes, from the past too!), texts, and (soon-to-be) push notifications. 

For Staff and Coaches: Parent, Student, and Athlete Messaging
Enhance communication from staff or coaches to students, athletes and families enabling a more comprehensive, real-time communication experience.

Use your rosters to contact exactly who you want to contact.
Send a text message based on your rosters including group or team assignments. 

- EX: "Parents of athletes in a spring sport"
- EX: "Senior boys on the varsity soccer team"

Rest easy! Reminders are automated.
FinalForms trademark "countdown" reminders will be delivered via email and text to parents and students who need to take action based on your requirements. 

- EX: "Samantha Smith's physical expires in 30 days. She must submit an updated physical by 3/1/2024 in order to continue participation."

- EX: "Julius Johnson's transfer paperwork is due in 15 days. Click here to login and complete transfer requirements."

Privacy and Security

Rest assured that our texting feature prioritizes privacy and security, providing a safe and protected environment for all users. All messages are time-stamped, user-traced, and archived for your records.