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Text Messaging from FinalForms...

A command center for your communications that makes your communication accessible, visible, and immediate. 
Make communication between administrators, coaches, students, and parents more safe, seamless, and effective.

CampusCommand provides authorized users with access to a comprehensive searchable, filterable communications archive including Message, Sender, Recipients, Date, Time, as well as Deliverability

The best news is, the archive includes all emails (yes, from the past too!), texts, and (soon-to-be) push notifications. 


  • 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes
  • SMS text yields a 98% open rate
  • Recipients of texts are 10x more likely to click to learn more

Instant Communication

We hear you when you say “Parents forget to check their emails”. Now, you can send messages to your parents, athletes, and coaches through SMS text messages.


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1:1 & 1:Many Communication

Enhance communication between coaches, their teams, & families, enabling a more comprehensive, real-time communication experience.


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Privacy & Security

Rest assured that CampusCommand prioritizes privacy and security, providing a safe and protected environment for all users. All messages are time-stamped, user-traced, and archived for your records.