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Here's how 250 schools completed 605,379 COVID-19 health screenings

We get it. Reopening plans are tough. There are contingencies upon contingencies. You're faced with requirements, recommendations, and a polarized public. 

We're here to help you set the basic foundation for a process every school will either nail or fail  this Fall. 

They nailed it!

What did 250 school districts do to implement successful health screening plans?

1. They Chose Where and When

Every school is unique. Defining where and when to conduct screenings helps determine the best plan. 

  • Daily Arrival: In-car? Entrances? Homeroom?
  • Extracurricular Activities: In-car? Upon arrival? 
  • Sports: In-car? Alphabetical lineups? Small groups led by coaches?
  • Events and Field Trips: Before boarding the bus? Gate/location entry?


2. They Chose the Best Tool

The most successful school leaders choose proven technologies to empower their staffers with mobile technologies to manage student health screenings. 

  • Is it mobile and secure?
  • Is it easy-to-learn and easy-to-use?
  • Can it automate notifications to parents or medical staffers?
  • Can it meet state or local requirements?
  • Can we generate reports?

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3. They Established Standards

Providing standards for even the smallest tasks requires less on-the-spot 'thinking'. It may seem crazy, but standards allow your staffers to focus on the big picture rather than minutia. 

  • What questions will we ask?
  • Who do we notify if a student is symptomatic?
  • What are the return-to-learn or return-to-play requirements?
  • Will a daily clearance be enough or will extracurriculars require a second screening?
  • How will we break down our student population into small, manageable groups? Great question, here's how:

FinalForms GroupsFinalForms allows you to create groups from any set of students, and then conduct COVID-19 health screenings. In this example, we show how you may create classes within the 2nd grade at the elementary school. If you prefer to screen students prior to entry, you may create groups consisting of students who enter at a certain point at an assigned time.

FinalForms Sports Teams
In this graphic, we show you how you may break down a sport, football specifically, into smaller groups by class or by coach assignment. 

4. They Educated Staffers, Parents, and Students

Community buy-in is key. The top performing schools had their staffers watch a 3-minute video or attend a webinar so they could efficiently screen students. 

  • How will we train the staff?
  • Can we create an announcement so parents understand the process?
  • Can we make it efficient enough so students don't get frustrated?
  • Can we publish an article so the community understands both our procedures and our concern for public health?

Key Concepts: Free. Easy. Flexible. Proven.

We don’t believe companies should nickel and dime schools, especially in the midst of a pandemic that has put financial strain on nearly everything. Our health screening tool is included with our service at no extra cost.

We understand the need to quickly screen students in order to get them on the bus, into the classroom, or on the practice field. 

You may be required to ask additional questions, report specific temperatures, or alert parents or staff based on symptoms. Beyond that, you may need to group students into entry zones, time slots, or small groups in order to streamline processes. 

Our reports allow your administrators review, analyze, and export data based on a single student, groups of students, or your entire student body. Should health controversies, legal situations, or insurance requirements arise; these reports may come in handy!

Don't let excuses or questions prevent you from making the right choice for health and safety.

Don’t let these questions prevent you from safely reopening your school and sports programs:

  • “How will we handle health screenings?”
  • “Can our staff and coaches really handle the extra work?”
  • “How will we manage school entry?”
  • “How can we protect our students, staff, and community?”
  • “Can we really comply with these local health guidelines?”


Are you ready? Let's go!

Just 250 schools account for more than 600,000 mobile health screenings. “We anticipate thousands of customers conducting millions of screenings this school year,” claims Clay Burnett, FinalForms CEO, “We’re proud to play a role in keeping schools and communities safe.” Contact us today to learn how you can play a leading role in keeping your school and community safe. 

Student Health and Safety Forms

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