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FinalForms Expands COVID-19 Screening: Flexible, Custom K12 Options



We hear you! You need a flexible health screening tool that helps meet all of your K12 and Athletic needs. We got it!

FinalForms provides the flexibility meet your state, school, or health system specific COVID-19 health screening needs. 

Whether you're reopening full-time, part-time, or in groups, we can help you meet compliance standards while increasing student and staff safety with a minimal investment of time and money. 

We're here to help you prepare for anything!

View the 3-Minute Video!  See the COVID-19 Mobile Health Screening Tool

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Medical Professionals

  • NEW! Customize screening questions
    • Need customization?
      Contact with a list of health conditions beyond our standard set, seen below.


  • NEW! Access comprehensive lists and views of students with symptoms
  • NEW! Communicate securely with parents of symptomatic students
  • NEW! Record and archive COVID-19 test results
  • NEW! Manually handle clearances and quarantines


Show your legal team and insurance provider a complete digital, time stamped historical record of every symptom, exposure, and status. 

View historical records per...

  • Student
  • Roster
  • Building entry point
  • Homeroom
  • Cafeteria
  • Field trip
  • Club
  • Activity
  • Sport



  • NEW! Conduct mobile health screenings with custom questions, automated alerts, and streamlined communication options
  • NEW! No student can slip through the cracks when their health status follows them to every attendance session... morning, noon, or night!

View the 3-Minute Video!  See the COVID-19 Mobile Health Screening Tool


Be ready to pivot, be ready to reopen, be ready for anything. FinalForms offers the flexibility you need to track forms and data when implementing your plan for a safe school or sports reopening.

Every school leader fears wasting time, money, and resources on legal and insurance claims. FinalForms provides the digital records you'll need to provide evidence if the need arises. FinalForms may be the best investment you make this school year. 

Student Health and Safety Forms

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