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4 Questions to Ask the Best Online Athletic Forms Providers

We love questions. A curious prospect often turns into a content customer. Whether you’re shaking hands at a conference or sitting for a complete product demonstration, your time with each potential service provider is limited. The best way to maximize these meetings is to be prepared.

Open with these questions about online athletic registration:

  1. How does your forms system keep my athletes safe and compliant?

  2. How will this change my processes and time expenditures?

  3. What is the entire cost structure?

  4. Can you send me security documentation? Do you sell data in any way, shape, or form?

1. How does your system keep my athletes safe and compliant?

All data in the system should have a destination: a district report, a state report, or the fingertips of the parties who need it exactly when they need it.

How does data drive compliance?
Custom online forms applications solicit required data from appropriate parties ranging from Parents to Secretaries and beyond. Once data is collected and verified, Administrators click to produce reports like rosters, tournament entry forms and eligibility reports. Wait… could a missing signature, expired certificate or return-to-play status prevent an athlete from stepping on the field? Coaches, Secretaries and Athletic Directors receive alerts and view simple visual reports to prevent compliance controversies.
Think about it: How much does an ineligible athlete cost you in a forfeit or controversy?

How does data drive safety?
Real-time, 24/7/365 access to the online forms systems allows Parents and Athletic Trainers to track physical expiration dates and make critical updates to Athlete records, keeping Coaches up-to-date with status changes.
Think about it: If a student-athlete is diagnosed with a condition at this very moment, how soon will the Coach know, and how does that change the outcome in an emergency situation?

2. How will this change my processes and time expenditures?

A comprehensive yet simple online forms system allows you to re-focus on the mission of your athletic department. Eliminate expensive paper, ink, and time-consuming calls and meetings. Everything you need  - Student, Parent, and Coach forms plus signature, eligibility, injury, and equipment statuses - can be seen in a simple visual display, not complex printouts or spreadsheets. When that’s the case, you can prepare for the big game instead of popping headache pills.

Think about it: How much of your day is spent tracking papers, creating missing paperwork lists, and talking with Parents or Students about forms and statuses?

3. What is the entire cost structure?

Every company employs a unique pricing method. It is important to fully understand all annual and one-time charges that may arise for training, support, modifications, and increased use.

Here is our pricing model:

$1,000.00 One-Time Unique Setup Fee

$3.00-$5.00 Student-Athlete per School Year
(depending on number of students)

FREE Training (in-person or online) 

FREE 24/7/365 Support

FREE Form Updates & Additions

4. Can you send me security documentation and do you sell data in any way, shape, or form?

The best online forms providers can send you a security PDF immediately upon request. Here’s a link to a few of our most popular security articles for your reference.

We strongly believe, based on best practices and regulation:

  1. Student data should never be sold, in any form, even if de-identified or in aggregate.
  2. Data from different districts should be divided into unique databases, according to FERPA

Think about it: As a Parent, are you comfortable with your children's information being tossed into a data mixer and sold for profit, potentially appearing in public or private reports?

Online Forms for Schools

If you're as crazy about security as we are, just wait for our next article featuring an in-depth dive into the world of student data security!

Here are a few more questions we wish Athletic Directors asked more often:

  1. Who owns your business?
    If it’s an investment or equity firm, beware… you are NOT their #1 priority!

  2. Whom will I be working with? What is their background?
    Make sure they can “talk school”.

  3. Is your team solely based in the US?
    Sales, support and development should be conducted between our borders.

  4. Is all the data hosted in the US?
    A confident, 100% sure, YES is the only answer.

  5. How do I request support and what is the average wait for an answer?
    Minutes or hours must be the answer. Accept nothing less.

  6. How quickly can this be up and running?
    Days or weeks... you don't have time to wait.

  7. Who builds the forms? Do we or do you? Why?
    Data is best collected by custom-built systems that can distribute specific data points to required reports and more.

  8. How does this work from year-to-year?
    Make sure data is saved season-to-season, year-to-year and archived in accordance with district policy, state requirements and federal law.

  9. How does your price compare in the market?
    Cheaper isn’t better when it comes to compliance and safety. Think about eliminating liability… it’s worth an investment.

  10. How are you better than ‘Competitor A’ and ‘Competitor B’?
    Honest, confident answers and eye contact go a long way!

  11. What processes can we automate?
    Find out how this will improve your life, not create yet another burden.

  12. What forms do I need to achieve compliance?
    Use the conversation for consulting purposes. After all, the provider likely works with many other schools similar to yours.

  13. What are the dangers related to compliance?
    If you've read this far, you already know this!

  14. Could the product work for all of our students?
    A select few products can actually serve K-12 enrollment and registration for clubs, groups and field trips plus staff hiring and employment forms.

  15. Do you support all users including: Students, Parents, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Nurses, etc.?
    Every use should receive superior support and quick care.

Remember, you can save yourself time, money and embarrassment by choosing the right online forms provider this time around. Prepare!

If you're looking for honest answers about online athletic forms, student data security or the competitive landscape, contact us today.