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7 New Payment Features: Cash, Credit, Payment Plans, Late Fees, and More!

The FinalForms Team understands what schools need when they ask for new features. While past payment features covered the basic need to process online payments, there was a level of service that remained out-of-reach. 

The most recent round of Summer 2018 updates includes 7 major updates that transform FinalForms into a full service online payment system:

  1. Payment Documentation
  2. Multi-School Family Caps
  3. Partial Payment Status for Payment Plans
  4. External Payment Mode for Checks and Cash
  5. Late Fees
  6. Billing for Missing Equipment
  7. Improved Receipts for Parents


Julie Renner, Director of Operations, validated the Sales Team reports and Client requests for improvements. “In my 23 years as an educator, payment plans were always a headache. I knew FinalForms could help.” Renner coordinated with the Development Team to plot the plan for optimization. The enhancements are scheduled for delivery in July 2018.

“Many of our students are on payment plans. It’s tricky to follow how much they’ve paid and how much they owe. FinalForms solves the problem,” says Hamilton City School Assistant Athletic Director Tyler Belew. “Plus, FinalForms reaches out to us to schedule training and assistance. We rely on them for so much and they always deliver!”

“I’m proud to help our schools streamline internal processes. This release is a big one. The treasurers are going to be happy. I look forward to helping our schools maximize the benefits,” declares Dave Baker, Director of Sales.