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We Understand Eligibility & Safety

Custom-Built Forms for Compliance

  • State Requirements
  • Department Requirements
  • Pre-Participation Physical
  • Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
  • Concussion Acknowledgment
  • Acknowledgment of Risk
  • Past & Ongoing Health Conditions
  • Transportation Authorization
  • Pay-to-Play Fees
  • Team Handbooks
  • Media Release
  • Social Media Policy
  • Emergency Procedures
  • ... and more!

Automation for Assurance

  • Physical Expiration Reminders
  • Eligibility Alerts
  • Missed Practice Alerts
  • Injury Status Update Alerts
  • Mental Health Alerts
  • Concussion Test Reminders
  • Missing Signature Notifications
  • Incomplete Form Notifications
  • Missing Equipment Notifications
  • Medical Condition Alerts
  • ... and more!

Emergency Management

  • View E-Cards Anywhere, Any Time
  • Click-to-Call Parents, Guardians & Contacts
  • Print or Download E-Cards for Backup
  • View Critical Medical Conditions
  • Inform EMTs of Known Issues
  • Injury Report and Treatment Tracking
  • Injury Status Updates
  • Automatic Archival for Record Keeping
  • Printable Forms, Records & Reports
  • ... and more!

Equipment Management

  • Assign Equipment to Coaches
  • Assign Equipment & Apparel to Athletes
  • Assign Medical Equipment to Athletes
  • One-Click Assignment
  • One-Click Collection
  • Send Reminders
  • Charge Fees
  • View Missing Inventory
  • View Inventory Values per Sport
  • ... and more!

Track Attendance

At Practice, On the Bus, On the Return Bus... You Name it.

FinalForms ensures you can enforce attendance policies while immediately notifying Parents and Guardians when an Athlete is not present.

Imagine that! Mom knows when Suzy is skipping. Mom calls Suzy. Mom prevents Suzy from substandard stunts, or far worse. 


Prevent Loss

Assign and collect equipment, bill for missing items. 

Students lose stuff. They actually lose lots of stuff. And, more often than not, they shrug responsibility and evade penalty. Every year, it costs athletic departments a mind-boggling amount of time and money to restock the equipment room.

Beyond the basics, track and record important dates such as reconditioning, purchasing, and retiring key items. 

Prevent Nightmares

Medical, Legal, PR, and Insurance problems are crushing. 

FinalForms delivers data to the right hands at the right time, every time. Whether it's a medical emergency, legal paper trail, or insurance investigation, critical information is just a click away. 

How confident are you in your current system and procedures?

We're proud to be considered 'Best Practice' by school insurance providers. 


Our CEO uses FinalForms every day as a Coach.

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