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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the NIAAA National Athletic Directors Conference

Each year more than 2,000 Athletic Directors descend upon a premier host city to take courses, participate in workshops, earn certification, and visit exhibitors. This year, that city is San Antonio, and the educational opportunities are better than ever.

“One of the most important things Athletic Directors can do is join and participate in their State and National Associations,” claims Bruce Brown, OIAAA Executive Director. “The Annual Conference provides ADs with the opportunity to gain perspective on leadership in the evolving landscape of education-based athletics.”

Here are just a few of the many workshop offerings:
  • Mentoring Coaches for Their Personal Growth

  • Increasing Student Participation and Retention

  • Why Encourage Multi-Sport Participation?

… and a few key courses for every Athletic Director:

  • LTC 501 Athletic Administration: Guiding Foundations and Philosophies

  • LTC 504 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues I (Liability for Sports Injuries & Risk Management)

  • LTC 602C: Creating Your Athletic Handbook

So, yeah, there’s a lot going on down in San Antonio this December. Here’s why YOU should go:

Learn Best Practices

Sure, you’ve got the basics covered, but could your actions, policies, and procedures be more effective? Every conversation, whether in a lecture hall or a barbecue joint, relates to improving education-based athletics. Sharing your successes and challenges with colleagues opens the door to acquiring new ideas and improving your leadership capabilities.

Meet the Leaders

In addition to the dynamic personalities that will headline keynote sessions, the Annual Conference abounds with leaders, award winners, and hall-of-famers. There’s no doubt you will feel the energy of the conference as you walk through the convention center. The most recognizable names and faces in high school athletics will be both visible and accessible. So, why not shake hands and learn from the very best!

Train with the Best

Being an Athletic Director isn’t easy. The time commitment, legal issues, and financials can be overwhelming. That’s why the NIAAA offers both the Leadership Training Institute and the NIAAA Certification Program. The NIAAA specifically designed its courses to address current and relevant issues such as social media, sports concussions, and gender equity. Furthermore, the NIAAA educational programs are equivalent in status to courses at Career, Technical, and Post-Secondary Institutions, and they may qualify for Continuing Education Credits in your state.

Understand National Issues

You maybe a state-level expert, but what’s next? Could there be an issue facing North Carolina Athletic Directors that could soon land on your desk? Get prepared. Talk to experts from across the nation to discover the latest developments in constitutional law, disabilities, and transgender participation to expand your scope of knowledge.

Build Lasting Relationships

Participate in the NIAAA Endowment 5k, Ice Cream Social, or Lapel Pin Exchange to fully immerse yourself in the conference experience. You’ll meet seasoned veterans and fresh-faced rookies. Even better, you can keep in touch as your careers evolve. Embrace the opportunities to the fullest!

Finally, here’s the number 1 reason why WE attend the Annual Conference:

To Learn from YOU!

Remember, we’re coaches and former ADs. We love to talk shop.  We love to listen and ask questions that will help us better serve you and your colleagues. After the conference, we’ll get busy defining new directions, building new features, and solving the most pressing problems in the athletic department. Since last year alone, we’ve added coach certification management, attendance tracking, and equipment management options. We’re ready for what’s next!