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5 Savings Side Effects of FinalForms

Tight budget. Shrinking budget. No budget...
You have options.

We get it. COVID-19 sucks up funding, crushes budgets, disrupts time lines, and creates chaos in every athletic department. Your job as an AD is more demanding right now than it's ever been. As you look at your budget, it's time to cut unnecessary commitments and identify options that can save you time, money, and headaches.

(Stick around for the kicker at the end!)


1. No More Paper

Paper is cheap, right? NO. It can actually be more expensive than FinalForms. We've found that every $1 spent on printing, schools incur another $5 in handling, distribution, collection, and verification (not to mention if you have to duplicate that information into a computer). Even more discouraging, over 1 in 3 paper forms are lost, thrown away, or damaged within 48 hours.

So, to make the savings easy use this equation:

$6 per athlete * # athletes = total cost of paper forms.

That cost includes all of the reality of paper processes: copying, re-printing, mailing, collecting, communicating, and maintaining equipment. If you're at an 'average' sized high school with 400 athletes, then you're already spending $2,400.00 a year on paper and paper processes. Ouch.

FinalForms, the Tesla of forms, costs a maximum of $5 per athlete per year, and is cheaper by the dozen if you have a lot of athletes.


2. No More Lost Equipment

According to the Chicago Tribune, football helmets start at $175.00 and end above $1,500.00. You know how much yours cost. How many are you willing to let students pack up and proudly display in their dorm room next year? When you're accustomed to operating on gate receipts and reducing expenditures, equipment costs can really hurt the budget.

Are your coaches managing equipment handout and intake? FinalForms provides an easy-to-use interface for coaches and ADs.

One-click reports give you proof-positive that Joey Stickyhands has helmet #72H. One more click sends his parents a bill for the missing helmet. His shoulder shrugs no longer mean anything.

Do you know how much $$$ you lose in equipment each year? Erase that line item from you expenses with FinalForms!


3. More Time! Reclaim an Hour Every Day

Anyone will tell you their least favorite part of the day is mind-numbing administrative work. Paperwork, spreadsheets, mail merges, and calls take time. Plus, there's always that fear that you missed something... specifically something that could negatively affect.

FinalForms brings forms, signatures, statuses, alerts, and reminders all into one centralized system. Imagine never having to bother another student about a physical, parent about a signature, or coach about a certification. All that, plus looped-in communication about equipment, injuries, and eligibility. There's your hour!

But don't take our word for it. We proudly display ALL of our customers here. Check out the list and ask around!


4. More Space! Reclaim That Filing Room

We know. Your office is the size of a storage closet. You don't have space for another filing cabinet, let alone another stack of papers.

Going digital with online forms, equipment management, and team rosters frees up space and eliminates the need to purchase more storage. Hey, you might even be able to kick back and take a deep breath next year!


5. No More Headaches! Prevent Costly Legal Issues

The ultimate fear of every administrator: legal issues. If you haven't dealt with them, you better get prepared. Aside from the stress, legal issues can take dozens, if not hundreds, of hours to handle. Wouldn't it be better if every signature was time-stamped, every email was tracked, and every injury was documented?

We've read the well-known NFHS 'Top Ten Sports Law Issues Impacting School Athletics Programs' and guess what? We can help you with almost every issue.

- If communication is documented and traceable, there's a lot less to worry about

Gender Equity
- We got charts for that!

Disabilities, Transgender, Sexual Harassment, Hazing, Rights, and Social Media
- Distribute your policies via FinalForms and document signatures and agreements in real-time.

Liability for Sports Injuries
- Liability becomes less of an issue when you have good policies in place and you can prove all parties agreed to, signed off, and understand the policies. Beyond that, documenting everything equipment conditions to parent communication is important. You never know what will come up in an accusation. Our Team helps you maximize your use of FinalForms with regular 'Academy' sessions.

Concussion Management
- Our 'Medical Report' feature, developed in coordination with Athletic Trainers and Health Systems, may be used to document every detail from an injury, through recovery, to clearance. Plus, it loops in appropriate parties, like parents and coaches, with only the details they need.


Alright, Now Here's the Kicker

FinalForms is phenomenal at Athletic registration. It's actually so good that early adopters were begged us to handle K12 back-to-school and new student enrollment. We listened and delivered.

70% of FinalForms customers upgrade to K12 registration within 2 years of signing up for athletic services!

How does this relate to your athletic department? We don't double bill, plus the bill goes to the district office, not the athletic department!

The cost of FinalForms is simply a maximum $5 per student. We handle new student enrollment, back-to-school registration, clubs, field trips, sports, and more for one flat rate per student. 


Ready to Eliminate Unnecessary Costs and Start Saving?

FinalForms is an affordably priced, predictable investment that can actually save money and avert financial disasters. Saving time and space, preventing loss, and eliminating paper are all simple side-effects of FinalForms. Beyond that, you'll be working with a reliable team of former ADs that can help you find the exact page, email, or answer you need to resolve a controversy or legal issue before it becomes a problem.

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