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Why You Need a Form Management System Built for Athletics

You have choices when it comes to an athlete management system. You also have the right to be choose-y! Here's the lowdown on finding the right solution for your school. 

We all understand there’s a huge time and cost savings when going electronic. But, what differentiates a basic online forms system versus one built for athletics? Companies who understand that every athletic department, school, and state have unique needs “get it”. After all, schools do business based on relationships. The best products are built based on customer feedback and supported by a team of “school people” that are driven by a mission to serve, not a mission to deliver ads or process credit cards. 

Here is a list of key reasons why you need a form management system built for athletics:


Remote Access

Whether you’re a parent signing forms, a coach accessing emergency information, or an athletic director auditing actions, paperless forms provide a much-needed solution. When your forms are cloud-based, users can access them right from the field or the gym with an internet connection. Remote, real-time access to the right information when it counts can be the difference in hoping for the best or saving a life. 

Electronic Forms Are Auditable

Forms typically pass from school to student to parent back to student to a drop box or a student aid sitting at a desk. So, yeah, imagine the points of failure and the lack of security there. Knowing who actually signed, updated, or turned forms can be difficult to track on paper and even in many electronic systems. When you go paperless, make sure the forms and user actions are trackable –you want to see who did what and when in case controversies arise. 

24-7-365 Accessible Online Forms

Centralized, real-time form access for staff, parents, and students is more important than you think. Parents are busy. They may not be able to update their child’s medical profile until midnight. Athletic Trainers are also busy too. They may not be able to log injury details, upload photos, or add documentation to an injury report until the end of the day. Coaches don’t have time to dig through paperwork or ask for access, they need real-time access to emergency information. And you, you need to know what happened, when it happened, and who was notified when the lawyers, insurance guys, and your boss are calling. 

Real-Time Athlete Clearance

This is perhaps the best reason to switch to electronic forms. Electronic forms and signatures allow for automated notifications regarding clearances, eligibility, and return-to-play procedures. Paper forms and some electronic systems do not offer this. Real-time workflow streamlines the entire athletic clearance process, and secure, remote anytime, anywhere access ensures that your staff, coaches, and parents are all on the same page when it’s game time. 

Electronic Signatures Are Legally Binding

In the United States, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000 granted legal recognition of electronic signatures.

Yes, You Can Prove ROI

Add up all the reasons and switching becomes a no-brainer. Some schools may balk at the cost of moving to a system like FinalForms. However, they’re not looking at the true cost of document, time, and risk management. Unfortunately, we all know that one missing form can be the seed for hours of arguments, newspaper articles, and battered public relations. 

In fact, the average cost to process a simple paper form is $0.45 + time. Let’s do some math. If you have 3 people (Athletic Director, Athletic Assistant, Athletic Trainer) who handle 5 athlete form packets daily, that adds up to more than 4 hours of review and chasing paper and $337.50 in costs per week. Annually, you’re looking at 120 hours and $10,125.00 per year. Complex forms, like athlete physicals, cost much more.


Why Should I Avoid a Free Athlete Management System?

The best solutions will provide white-glove service from the gun including custom-built forms (not some build-your-own bologna), training for your staff and coaches, and support for every user including parents and students.

There is a cost of service when it comes to establishing a team, product, and service that stand the test of time. With FinalForms, you’ll work with people just like you. In fact, someday we might ask you to join our team! Our roster includes licensed superintendents, certified athletic directors, and even former state executive directors; not to mention our dedicated support, training, and customer satisfaction teams. We’re built to serve, and our level of service does have a cost.

Know this, no school has ever left FinalForms due to costs. Once FinalForms is implemented the value becomes proven.


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