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Why go? 30 days 'til the National Athletic Director's Conference

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It's an opportunity to meet people, to learn, and to have fun!

Attending the National Athletic Directors Conference can broaden your network, deepen your understanding of current issues, and introduce you to new concepts and best practices.

Done right, you'll return home with a positive, energetic, and motivated outlook. Whether you're a conference rookie or a seasoned veteran, we thought we would share a highlight reel of reasons to attend.

1. Meet the Experts and Influencers

Maybe it's about meeting the person who wrote the book, maybe it's about thanking someone for their contributions, maybe it's simply about a selfie with your hero.

The NADC presents opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle with like-minded professionals facing similar sets of issues. Within every interaction is an opportunity for both sides to learn. So, don't be shy, jump into that open seat, and enjoy the presentation, session, or lunch with a brand new friend.

Remember, if you don't go, someone else will fill that seat. Register today!

2. Create Opportunities for Your Athletes

Are you wondering how to launch a Girls Wrestling program, how to include transgender athletes, or how to increase participation in unified sports programs?

You can bet your bottom dollar that dozens of trailblazing ADs will be ready to share how they overcame obstacles to create opportunities for underserved demographics. If you're looking to satisfy stakeholders such as parents or school board members, then outreach, inclusion, and growth better be on your agenda.

If you don't have the answer your school needs, someone at the conference does!

3. Learn Something You Can Use in the New Year

40 workshops, 52 courses, and 300 exhibit booths. Need we say more?

Whether you register for an LTI course on your way to a CAA, drop into a workshop to lend some expert insight, or visit a vendor that can solve a problem that's plaguing your athletic department... you are in command of your learning experience.

What are the workshops all about? Here are a few sessions that caught our eye:

  • Doing More with Fewer Dollars
  • Transgender, Equality, and Related Legal Issues
  • Controlling Fan Behavior at All Athletic Contests
  • What Does Fully Open Look Like? Post COVID-19 Athletic Issues
  • What Does the Name, Image and Likeness Movement Mean for High Sports and Athletes?

Don't wait! Register today for LTI to avoid paying more on-site!

4. Giveaways, Takeaways, and Plain Old Fun

We all know that a little time should be dedicated to letting loose and getting to know the Mile High City.

Play a game, grab some freebies, join colleagues for happy hour, or take a time-out to enjoy some Denver delights. You never know, you might win an iPad, fill your bag with free stuff, or spark up a great conversation while enjoying a moment away from the office.

In the Exhibit Hall?

  • Play the "Passport" Game Board
  • Beat your buddies in the "Bag Throw Tournament"
  • Play the Famous FinalForms Stick Game and Win Amazon Gift Cards!

Wanna Hoop it up?

Need some fresh air?

In need of holiday cheer?

Don't take our word for it, check out's list of Winter hotspot

5. Build Lasting Relationships

As NIAAA Associate Executive Director Phil Rison says, "We're all in the people business." Phil is the first to admit, he shares in your experience as an AD.

Investing in a conversation is investing in yourself, your coaches, and your athletic program. So, get out of your comfort zone and spark a conversation about a hot topic with another AD. These opportunities only come once a year!

Feeling tongue-tied, ask a fellow AD something like this:

  • How can I better evaluate my coaches?
  • What are your favorite athletic apps?
  • How do you deal with parent politics?
  • What do you do to avoid burnout these days?

If you can't find a golden nugget in the rocky mountains this December, it's your own fault!


Why do we go?

We're a team of 45 including coaches, former ADs, and educators who aim to elevate education. We listen, we ask questions, and we gain insights from people just like you so we can elevate our service to more than 1 million high school athletes across the country.

Maybe you remember us from last time in 2019 at National Harbor... since then, we've added SSO (Single Sign-On), Bus Rostering, and Return-to-Play Management. Interested in learning more? Schedule a time to stop by our booth.

See you in Denver!


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