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Why do it? Leadership Training at the NADC

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This year, the National Athletic Director Conference will be back for in-person attendance in Denver, Colorado December 10th-14th at the Colorado Convention Center.

With 2,000 attendees, 40 workshops, 52 courses offered, and more than 300 exhibitors in attendance there is a lot to do at the NADC.

With all of these exciting opportunities, registering for the Leadership Training Institute is one item that needs to be on your list of things to do.

So, what is LTI and why should YOU sign up for it? Continue reading for more information.

What is LTI?

According to Dr. Jim Wright, CMAA, “LTI is really about pursuing certification and development.”

The Leadership Training Institute, or LTI, provides Athletic directors with the necessary tools to improve upon their role in their school and community.  As well as, provide athletic directors with the ability to improve upon the LTI Program for future attendees.  

You may choose to participate at three distinct levels: State, national, and international.  Depending on which level you choose, you can pave your path to earning an RAA, RMSAA, CAA, CMAAA, CIAAA, or RIAA.

Whatever challenges you face at your local school, and or community, the LTI program is here to help.

Why should you sign up for LTI?

Take it from Nate Larsen, CMAA, Athletic Director at Logan View High School and NSIAAA Vice President, “Every one of the 18 LTI courses I have taken in my 8 years as an athletic administrator has made me better at my job and provided me with resources that I refer to on a regular basis.”

Not only will you gain personal skills, but you'll also be better equipped to help the increasing number of new AD’s as they fill shoes in your league, conference, or area.

Another reason to consider beginning your path to certification is to get ahead of your state’s rules and regulations. In some states, such as New York, LTI training is in the process of being mandated for all Athletic Directors. And in other states like Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, LTI training is highly encouraged.

By pursuing LTI, you enable yourself for further growth and development at your position and are better suited to serve your students, school, and community.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

LTI course offerings, schedule, and sign-up info.

So, are you interested in LTI and eager to see what courses are being offered at the NADC?  Stop by the registration and LTI booth, available Saturday, December 11th through Monday, December 13th, and get your questions answered!

Your path to certification begins at the NADC conference!

Get the complete NIAAA NADC LTI Schedule here.


Why do we love LTI?

FinalForms is built for leaders! Our team of coaches, former ADs, and educators share your passion to elevate education. When you take LTI, you're coming to our team with incredible, actionable ideas and questions that we turn into features that benefit ADs across the USA. 

Wanna ask a question or share an idea? Schedule a time to stop by our booth.

See you in Denver!


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