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Athletic Directors - Save $12,000.00 THIS YEAR!


Complete these 2 simple sentences:

  • Equipment costs are...
    1. Increasing
    2. Decreasing
  • Student responsibility is...
    1. Increasing
    2. Decreasing


Right. We agree. It’s a recipe for loss.

Students lose stuff. They actually lose lots of stuff. And, more often than not, they shrug responsibility and evade penalty. And, every year, it costs athletic departments a mind-boggling amount of time and money to restock the equipment room.

So, the FinalForms team compiled your feedback, masterminded a plan, and deployed a new system that will undoubtedly save you $10,000.00 or more this school year. Hard to believe? Read on for just one minute or try our cost savings calculator to see how much you can save…

Try Our Cost Savings Calculator

Here’s how Inventory Management works:

  1. Import
  2. Assign
  3. Collect or Bill

A FinalForms rep will help you import your equipment via spreadsheet.

Click! Administrators, Trainers or Coaches may assign equipment to Athletes

Click! Administrators, Trainers or Coaches may collect equipment from Athletes

3b. BILL
Click! Administrators may bill Athletes the replacement cost.

Plus, beyond the basics, the FinalForms Inventory Management includes the status of each item, such as “New,” “Used,” or “Retired” as well as other pertinent information such as “Reconditioned On,” “Purchased On,” and “Replacement Cost”.

“Ultimately, FinalForms prevents thousands of dollars of loss in our athletic department. Plus, we can pull helmet reconditioning reports for the state. It’s incredible.”

- Erik Titus, Athletic Director at Anacortes (WA) High School

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