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How to Manage the End of Year Process More Effectively

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With the school year coming to a close, you want to be certain you can enjoy summer break without leaving behind any loose ends. Collecting unpaid fees, tracking down missing equipment, and preparing for spring sports banquets can add a lot of stress to your day if you aren't prepared.

Don’t let the end of the school year wear you down. With proper planning and the right tools, you can complete end of year processes in less time, and reduce risk of errors. To create a smoother process, let’s start with your biggest issue.

Unpaid Fees and Missing Equipment

The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table. Looking at this past school year, do you know what students have unpaid fees? How about who has equipment checked out? If you're unsure or don’t know, that’s okay. The right online registration platform will allow you to answer these questions. 

Unpaid Fee Collection and Inventory/Equipment Management

Every transaction that occurred during the school year should be kept track of, and that includes equipment. Instead of having to ask your stakeholders for new uniforms, ask them to invest in an online registration system. The right platform will show you:

  • Total worth of Equipment
  • Issued worth
  • Who has issued out
  • Who has returned
  • Condition of Equipment


In order to get equipment returned to the right place, the right platform will allow you to email individuals, groups, or across multiple sports teams, ensuring that all equipment has been returned to its rightful place.

The same should apply when it comes to fee collection. You want a tool that will allow you to view and filter by unpaid fees across your entire school so you know who to contact. 

Scheduling Banquets and Awards Ceremonies

With the conclusion of the spring sports, comes celebration. Invest in the right online registration system, so you don't have to stress about banquet scheduling and award preparation. 

Need help contacting coaches, parents, and students from the lacrosse, track and field, and tennis teams? Having an online registration system can help you quickly and effectively send out mass emails to various sports teams; ensuring everyone is in the loop. 

And, getting awards ready for those banquets has never been easier. Coaches can mark their athletes for awards and achievements such as:

  • Varsity Lettering 
  • Awards - All-State, All-District, All-Region, MVP
  • Other information - Captain, Statistician, Manager
  • Notes - A place to keep track of your athletes achievements throughout the sports season.


Wrapping up the school year can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Utilizing an online registration system saves you time and ensures you receive unpaid fees and equipment, while making communication amongst parents, students, and coaches easier.

Celebrate the end of year, don’t fret over it. Schedule a demo with FinalForms today.

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