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How to Connect FinalForms and ProgressBook in 5 Easy Steps

The FinalForms–ProgressBook certification and integration processes are 100% complete meaning school districts throughout Ohio can now integrate two of their most crucial applications: FinalForms and ProgressBook. The integration connects FinalForms’ premier data collection, verification, and distribution system with Software Answers’ robust ProgressBook Student Information System (SIS).

Upon school district authorization, FinalForms may now obtain the database keys as well as connect databases, and begin working with any district utilizing the ProgressBook SIS. FinalForms simply connects databases, syncs specific data fields, and allows the district to control the passing of data from one system to the other.

The extensions of this integration reach deep into processes such as student enrollment and district state reporting, as well as the real-time distribution of authorizations and alerts related to emergency medical information, transportation, mental health, and special education. Ultimately, the integration will provide school districts with enhanced state compliance and student safety while reducing risk, controversy, and liability.

“We’re proud to fulfill the integration request made by so many educators throughout Ohio,” said FinalForms CEO Clay Burnett. “The integration will ultimately empower educators and ensure the delivery of critical student data to the right hands, at the right time, every time.”

How should I proceed?


Contact your FinalForms Rep or the Support Team ( stating interest in the integrated solution.


The FinalForms Team and ProgressBook will exchange system authorizations and connect the databases.


The integration, by default, can be immediately demonstrated. The FinalForms Team will work with your appointed district representative to define any adjustments to synced fields, data sources, and best workflows.


FinalForms streamlines the flow of critical data ensuring proper placement into the FinalForms “Gatekeeper Interface,” to be used by your appointed district representative (a.k.a. “Gatekeeper”) to pass data from FinalForms into ProgressBook.


“Gatekeepers” simply query “desynced” students, select a student, review updates, and approve/deny entry of data into ProgressBook.


ProgressBook currently serves 70% of Ohio’s 611 school districts. FinalForms serves more than 400,000 Ohio Students including 60% of all OHSAA student athletes. The new-found partnership will undoubtedly change the landscape of education technology in Ohio.