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FinalForms offers Attendance Mode for Coaches

As a coach, one of your responsibilities is to watch over your athletes at practice. In the past if a student was missing from practice what would happen? Most likely, they’d get marked absent on a sheet of paper. Then mom or dad would show up two hours later only to find that their child was not at practice.  Sounds like a liability issue in the making, right?

With FinalForms attendance mode, coaches not only have the ability to mark their athletes' attendance but also to prompt the parent(s) or guardian(s) if their child is missing in real time. Data in the right hands, at the right time, ensures everyone has the most accurate information and students are kept safe.

How does it work?

When taking attendance with FinalForms, coaches can keep detailed records of practice. Items like:

  • What type of session 
    • Is it a “Practice, scrimmage, etc.”
  • When
    • Month, Date, Year, Time
  • What specific team or teams
    • All teams, just JV, Freshman, Just Varsity

Time Stamped & Archived

Keep in mind that all of this is time stamped and archived. Why? Perhaps your school has a rule where an athlete must sit out a game if they miss two or more practices. If a parent is wondering why their child isn’t playing in Friday’s game, the coach can show them that their child has missed two or more practices.


With FinalForms attendance mode, students are where they should be, parents are satisfied, and coaches can focus on practice. 

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