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Athlete Retention: Your Key to Increasing Participation and Engaging Athletes Year After Year


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It’s Fall Sports season. You’ve got your rosters. You’ve got your participation numbers. You’ve got a certified coaching staff. All is well, right?

As your busier-than-ever coaches review their rosters and as your athletes take a moment to meet their teammates, they notice something isn’t quite right… in fact, someone isn’t out for the team. Even worse, it might be tough to contact that athlete and it might be too late to add them to the roster. 

So, how can you identify and contact athletes that were rostered last year, but not this year? Simple. FinalForms “filters” help you retain athletes and increase participation year after year.

Year-Over-Year Athlete Retention

FinalForms easy-to-use “filters” allow Athletic Directors to…

  • Annual: Identify Past Participants That Are Not Currently Registered for Any Sport
    Combine two filters such as 'Any Past 2021-22 Sports' and 'No 2022-23 Sports' to view a list of students who match that criteria. Then, click ‘Email’ to communicate with these students and/or their parents/guardians about current offerings.

  • Seasonal: Identify Past Fall Athletes That Are Not Currently in a Fall Sport
    Dig in even deeper by using the 'School Year' dropdown to switch to a previous school year and then combine two filters such as 'Fall Athletes' and 'No Future 2022-23 Sports' to view a list of students who participated in Fall Sports last year but have not yet signed up for a Fall Sport.

Ultimately, FinalForms “filters” are an easy-to-use tool that help you retain athletes from season-to-season, communicate with athletes, and inform your parents/guardians about the benefits of participation. 

Why is “Athlete Retention” important?

We spoke with James Neil, Director of Athletics at Tacoma Public Schools, on why extracurricular participation is so important and how the new filter system has helped his school district.

“I used FinalForms to identify 440 students who were on a roster last year, but not this year. After a simple email reminder to join a team, 100+ were signed up within a week,” claims Neil. “I recognize that sports aren't for everybody, but students can find belonging and be part of something special by participating, even if it’s as a team manager, statistician, or another role.”

It Just Takes a Click to Change a Life

As our student population faces challenges in many forms from obesity to opioids to other dangerous trends, belonging has never been more important. Whether you're using FinalForms "filters" to increase equity and inclusion, improve coach education, or educate families about offerings, you've got the tools you need to make a difference.

According to "Project Play" by the Aspen Institute, the number one reason students play sports is to be with friends. The relationships made in the athletics arena can change a life and even save a life. So, 

Is It Time To Consider Examining Your Year-Over-Year Athlete Retention?

As a team composed of former athletic administrators, registrars, principals, coaches, and athletes we “get it”.

Whether it’s increasing participation, governing student data, or ensuring compliance with state rules and regulations,
the FinalForms platform consolidates processes and eliminates duplication forever! Most importantly, the FinalForms team, technology, and service provides best-in-class compliance, privacy, and security configurations.

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