Student Services Webinars

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From parent communication to staff compliance to organizational efficiency - Learn the FinalForms skills you need to elevate education.

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Student Services Webinars

Introduction to Student Services

Learn how countdowns, clearances, statuses, and alerts can help you manage students, communication, required paperwork, e-cards, and more.
Recommended Attendees: administrators, secretaries, central office, registrars, principals, and support staff

Duration: 30 minutes

New Student Enrollment

Learn how FinalForms makes it easy to manage new student enrollment using countdowns, clearances, and reminders to simplify student intake.

Recommended Attendees: enrollment personnel, registrars, and enrollment secretaries

Duration: 30 minutes

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Managing Student Enrollment Records

Learn how to easily manage student records within FinalForms. Whether a student is enrolling for the first time, re-enrolling, or withdrawing, feel comfortable making necessary changes and updating enrollment records.
Recommended Attendees: enrollment personnel, registrars, and building secretaries

Duration: 30 minutes

Managing SIS Integration (FinalForms Gatekeeper)

Learn how FinalForms helps you collect, verify, and approve the transfer of student information to your SIS with the powerful FinalForms Gatekeeper interface.
Recommended Attendees: enrollment personnel, registrars, and any administrative assistants or secretaries with the FinalForms Gatekeeper permissions
Duration: 30 minutes

Introduction to Medical Services for Nurses

Learn how FinalForms helps you securely collect, verify, and distribute student medical information to increase student safety.
Recommended Attendees: nurses and medical support staff
Duration: 30 minutes 

Introduction to Managing Student Groups

Learn how FinalForms can increase your productivity and your students’ safety by managing staff-created student groups.
Recommended Attendees: principals, secretaries, transportation supervisors, teachers, office aides, and support staff
Duration: 30 minutes

Readiness Checklist (Annual School Year Transition)

Learn how FinalForms site configurations, staff accounts, registration windows, and annual information updates can improve your year-to-year rollover processes.

Recommended Attendees: secretaries, central office staff, registrars, and support staff
Duration: 30 minutes 




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