Athletic Services Webinars

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From parent communication to staff compliance to organizational efficiency - Learn the FinalForms skills you need to elevate education.

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Athletic Services Webinars

Introduction to Athletic Services

Learn how to utilize forms, statuses, and alerts to help you manage student-athletes, eligibility, rosters, communication, inventory, medical information, attendance, and more.
Recommended Attendees: athletic directors, assistant athletic directors, athletic secretaries, and support staff

Duration: 30 minutes

Coaches Training

Learn how to manage eligibility, rosters, medical information, communication, and attendance to simplify your job by streamlining roster management.
Recommended Attendees: head coaches, assistant coaches, and other interested team staff

Duration: 30 minutes

Introduction to Medical Services for Athletic Trainers

Learn how FinalForms helps you securely collect, verify, and distribute student medical information to increase student safety.
Recommended Attendees: nurses and medical support staff
Duration: 30 minutes 

Readiness Checklist (Annual School Year Transition)

Learn how FinalForms site configurations, staff accounts, registration windows, and annual information updates can improve your year-to-year rollover processes.

Recommended Attendees: secretaries, central office staff, registrars, and support staff
Duration: 30 minutes 



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