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We don't like paperwork either!

Custom-Built Forms for Compliance

  • District Paperwork Requirements
  • Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Past & Ongoing Health Conditions
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Technology Use Policies
  • Social Media Policies
  • AED Maps
  • Emergency Procedures
  • ... and more!

Certification Management

  • Add Any Certification!
  • Certification Expiration Reminders
  • Missing Certification Alerts
  • Certification Status Updates
  • Plus: Key Fob and Equipment Assignment
  • ... and more!

Emergency Management

  • View E-Cards Anywhere, Any Time
  • Click-to-Call Contacts
  • Print or Download E-Cards for Backup
  • View Critical Medical Conditions
  • Inform EMTs of Known Issues
  • Automatic Archival for Record Keeping
  • Printable Forms, Records & Reports
  • ... and more!

Licensure Management

  • Issue Licenses 
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Professional Development  Review
    • Plans
    • Dates
    • Notes
    • Details & Documents
    • Approvals
  • ... all in one centralized location!

Assign Student Lists

Designate appropriate access to clubs, field trips, bus routes, etc.

Administrators may provide Staff access to student lists and information, including emergency medical information and medication administration forms. 

Imagine that! Your field trip leaders know how to handle medical emergencies, which leads to improved outcomes and satisfied parents. 


Streamline Licensure

Put everything in one place and reference documents any time!

Rest easy knowing that your staff is automatically notified when licenses or certificates expire. Communicate with individuals or lists of staff members based on license or certification status.

Automate, communicate, and empower with FinalForms!

Prevent Nightmares

Medical, Legal, PR, and Insurance problems can be disastrous. 

FinalForms delivers data to the right hands at the right time, every time. Whether it's a medical emergency, legal paper trail, or insurance investigation, critical information is just a click away. 

How confident are you in your current system and procedures?

We're proud to be considered 'Best Practice' by school insurance providers.


Staff features developed by Educators. Brilliant!

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