Quick Access to Medical Data

Quick Search

When an Athlete is injured, simply search for his or her name then click to view Emergency Medical Authorization info, Medical Conditions or previous Injury Reports.

Sort Athletes by Medical Conditions

Sort the entire student population, sports or rosters by Medical Conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Insect Sting Allergies, Food Allergies and Seizures.

Create Injury Reports

Create an injury report with your assessments, recommendations and referrals.

Automatic Injury Notifications

Submit an Injury Report to automatically notify the Coach and Parent of the injured Athlete.

Printable Emergency Medical Authorization Information

Print E-Cards featuring Emergency Medical Authorization and Medical Conditions to hand to EMTs in the case of severe injuries. E-Cards are formatted like baseball cards making it easy to transport and store information.

Athletic Trainers

"This is the best EMR program I've worked with."

– Maureen Sizemore
Athletic Trainer, Beaumont School