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Support Audit: Really, How Easy is FinalForms for Parents?

We analyze the support ticket submissions for a big district's first year. 

On Monday, July 20th, our biggest multi-high-school district to date began collecting registrations. It is now Friday evening, July 25th, and here we present a quick review and categorization of all the support requests we have received from parents & students in the first week.

  • 1123 -- Total students registered
  • 1261 -- Total parent accounts
  • 24 -- # of support requests
  • 0 -- # of unresolved support requests

24 requests for 2384 individual users means that 1.007% of users in this district thus far have submitted a ticket (our highest support request rate for any of our 20 installations to date is 1.465%). But what did these 24 tickets consist of?

  • 8 were having email issues. 5 of those were because they didn't wait long enough for their email to arrive and 3 were misspellings.
  • 2 didn't have email accounts for their students are needed an explanation as to why that is necessary.
  • 4 wanted to register their middle schoolers as well as high schoolers
  • 3 were parents miscommunicating between themselves and both registering, leading to duplicate students or general confusion.
  • 2 didn't have javascript enabled.
  • 3 had general questions about the process
  • 1 was trying to login without first registering
  • 1 experienced a bug (error screen) due to a brief developer error.

Additionally, 4 of these users wrote grateful responses to our support with varying numbers of exclamation points.

But are parents looking for support in other places?

We asked. The IT department in this district reported no support requests related to FinalForms and all athletic departments reported a combined total of 2 questions. This shows that not only is this article reporting accurate numbers but also that FinalForms succeeds in ushering the few struggling users into a support request to the site rather than to another entity, truly leaving the athletic department free of hassle.


Other Metrics of Success

What else can we measure to understand the extent of the success of this district's installation?

  • 1130 -- Students
  • 951 -- Completed form sets
  • 710 -- Completed and student-signed form sets

So 84% of registered students already have all required forms for athletic eligibility complete. What about the other 16%? Why do some parents not follow through to completion?

  • 79% of students with incomplete forms are also not signed up for a sport. This likely means the parent exited when they realized they didn't know what sports their student-athlete would be playing this year.
  • Another possibility is the parent could have run out of time (it takes parents an average of 6:23 to complete all 10 forms).
  • It's also possible the parent did not have their medical/insurance information on hand to complete some forms.

Finally, of those completed formsets, 74% of students successfully logged in and signed off on the information their parents presented in their forms. The remaining 26% have likely not checked their email yet or clicked the link within the delivered FinalForms confirmation email.



It is hard to know how FinalForms performs in comparison to the old paper form system. Ultimately, it is not completely successful until 100% of student-athlete "paperwork" has been completed and signed. But to help ADs and Coaches get to that point, is a beautiful and responsive interface equipped with all the tools they need to easily assess the progress of their student body and prompt whatever actions are required.

One thing is definitive though. A support rate of ~1% has surpassed our development team's wildest expectations when you consider the full cross-section of American citizens that high-school parents represent.