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PowerSchool Integration

FinalForms helps your district integrate data with PowerSchool

You may have noticed the default PowerSchool export feature doesn't quite line up with your PowerSchool database. This is because PowerSchool allows your district to tailor the database to meet your needs. FinalForms can now adjust data exports to meet your specific district database! We can coordinate with your district to create an export format that best serves your needs.

Keep in mind, the export does not need to include ALL data collected by FinalForms. Your district technology staff or student data managers may only want to coordinate limited data, such as Emergency Contacts, and we can make that happen, so let's talk!

1 - Contact Us

Contact your FinalForms representative to let us know you're interested in a PowerSchool integration.

2 - Provide a Sample Student Record

Send us a sample student record (see example) and we'll customize your export to match.

3 - Make a Plan for Synchronization

We've done this quite a bit, so we can provide ideas for manual or automated updates based on what we've done with many other districts.

4 - Complete Your First Integration!

Once we've customized your PowerSchool export and come up with the perfect plan, it's time to make it happen!