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“You continue to make our lives easier and jobs more efficient."– Josh Hardin, Athletics Manager, Cincinnati Public School District


  • FinalForms: Here to Stay!

    Emerging from infancy!

    FinalForms started as a custom application for a few pioneer schools. The athletic directors at these schools were savvy enough to know that a tool could be built that didn't just collect data for the sake of "going paperless", but actually USED the data to automate some of the most tedious functions of their daily life. Once we had the proof of concept, we began developing feature after feature, always to the applause of grateful ADs, Coaches, and Trainers. We now had a product that we completely believed in. A product that was vetted and loved by schools from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

    -- Time for the next step! --

    For the past 9 months, our development team has been working on taking FinalForms from its prototype roots to a robust, blazing-fast, and flexible application capable of hosting millions of student records! This was a direct response not only to all of the feedback we've received from parents, coaches, and athletic directors, but also to technical observations and analysis about how the system was being used. The end result is a radically improved hosting platform which translates to 4x faster page load times!

    -- FinalForms is here to stay. --

    In the coming months, we will be introducing some of the most popular new features in detail, providing a road-map for the future, and writing a few technical articles describing our platform and why we're so confident in our ability to handle, not just the 1.2 million student-athletes in our home state of Ohio, but an entire nation of high schoolers!


  • FinalForms Public Kickoff

    News area introduction. 

    FinalForms is being rapidly updated with new features, user interface polish, and streamlined workflows. This news area and development blog will serve as a place to introduce and describe them all.

    Features will always be tagged as applicable to Admins, Coaches, Parents, and Students when appropriate so that you may filter by those relevant to your user type. Incidentally, this blog is as much a way to coordinate between ourselves as it is to communicate with our users.


    If your school is not on FinalForms yet (as of this writing, only a handful are), introduce us to your Athletic Director and have him or her contact We will be getting in touch with schools at an increasing rate as we streamline our installation process.

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