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  • FinalForms Keeps Pace with OHSAA’s Evolutionary Mindset

    Ohio-based business, FinalForms, keeps its eye on the OHSAA and its ear open to athletic departments to keep pace with advancements in high school athletics. High school sports in the United States are rapidly evolving with new standards for safety, liability and data. Progressive state athletic associations are keeping pace by frequently updating rules and regulations.   Read More...

  • Support Audit: Really, How Easy is FinalForms for Parents?

    We analyze the support ticket submissions for a big district's first year.  On Monday, July 20th, our biggest multi-high-school district to date began collecting registrations. It is now Friday evening, July 25th, and here we present a quick review and categorization of all the support requests we have received from parents & students in the first week. 1123 -- Total students registered 1261 -- Total parent accounts 24 -- # of support requests 0 -- # of unresolved support requests 24 re...  Read More...

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