Features that WOW everyone!

Whether your district is large or small, public or private, FinalForms delivers fully customized, user-friendly forms. Show us your forms on paper, PDF or the web and we'll integrate them into the amazing FinalForms application.

We will work hand in hand with your leadership to build your forms, educate your personnel and communicate to your community. 

FinalForms empowers any school district to take the lead in data management. 


Streamline communication and data:

  • Ensure 100% school form compliance
  • Quick search students & parents
  • Sort athletes by season, class, sport, etc.
  • Physical reminders for parents
  • Certification reminders for coaches
  • E-Cards featuring EMA info
  • Manage, print and export data
  • Pay to Play & online payments
  • NEW Inventory management
  • NEW Postseason surveys
  • NEW Arbiter data export for syncing

We can also help you with:

  • State Association compliance 
  • SIS integration
  • Coach, sport, and team management
  • Student athlete management
  • Parent management
  • Policy management
  • Eligibility management
  • Integrating medical records

Athletic Trainers & Nurses

Quick access to medical data:

  • Use your laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Quick search for EMA info
  • Printable E-Cards with EMA info
  • Sort students by medical conditions
  • View medical condition alerts
  • Create injury reports
  • Follow up and track injury reports
  • Send notifications to coaches and parents
  • Track athlete concussion testing
  • Automatic concussion test expiration reminders

Ask us about:

  • Coordinating data with your hospital
  • Exporting data in charting systems
  • Integrating medical records

Coaches & Teachers

Leave the paperwork to us:

  • Automatic certification expiration reminders
  • Manage, print, email and export your roster
  • Assign athletes to Varsity, JV, etc.
  • Assign coaches to JV, Freshman, etc.
  • Cut athletes while retaining their data
  • Track awards and letters
  • Include player info and data
  • Equipment and uniform inventory

Ask us about:

  • Athlete attendance and discipline
  • Communicating with parents, students and athletes
  • Group management


Easy forms that save your data:

  • Automatic physical expiration reminders
  • Register and complete your first child's forms in less than 7 minutes
  • Any additional child's forms take less than 3:30 to complete
  • Data is stored from season to season, year to year and shared within families
  • Never enter the same information twice

Important to know:

  • We do not sell your data
  • We do not share data with third parties
  • Your school district may request that we integrate data with their student information system or their medical records system

Students & Student Athletes

End the nagging:

  • Sign your forms using your laptop, tablet or phone
  • Never lose your paperwork again