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Custom Timeout Policies

We are happy to announce an important new policy with respect to timeouts!

We are removing universal timeout settings for users in FinalForms. We can now differentiate between user types, such as Admin or Coach, as well as device types, such as Desktop or Mobile. This means we can set a user to timeout after 15 minutes on a desktop but to never timeout on a mobile device!

What is a timeout?
- When an application, such as FinalForms, automatically logs a user out due to a period of inactivity. An inactivity period starts upon your last action within the application, such as clicking into a new view or filtering information.

Furthermore, we are now allowing Districts to set their own timeout lengths. The reason for this is that Districts tend to have unique policies outlining safeguarding student information. For example, some districts force their staff to have lockscreens on their desktop and mobile devices, thereby making a FinalForms timeout a redundant and, consequently, tedious step to re-accessing information.

By default, timeouts will be set to "never" for all Districts. If you would like to implement timeouts, please contact your FinalForms representative and we will implement the update within 24 hours.

Your timeout options range starts at 10 minutes and goes as long as 1 year.  You can also choose 'Never'. Any duration can be set for the following variables:

  • Admin Desktop | Admin Mobile
  • Coach Desktop | Coach Mobile
  • AT Desktop | AT Mobile
  • Parent Desktop | Parent Mobile
  • Student Desktop | Student Mobile


Inactive users will receive the above popup 5 minutes prior to being timed out. If the user clicks 'Still Working!' then he/she may remain logged in... and the timeout clock will restart.