Certification Management

Track your Coaches' certifications automatically!

Nearly every public school coach is required to have several certifications. Some common ones might be:

  • Pupil Activity Program Certificaiton
  • NFSHA Fundamentals of Coaching Class
  • CPR

Managing the expiration dates for these certifications, and making sure coaches don't lose them, has been a pain point for many athletic administration programs. Today, we're proud to introduce a long awaited feature: Certification Management.

The interface for managing certifications is quite simple and has been completely integrated into your familiar coaches interface. 


From your Manage -> Coaches table you will be able to view a neatly sorted list of certifications for each coach along with color coded labels for the expiration dates. Clicking any of these pops up a window so that you can edit in place, much like with the physical form expiration dates. Creating new certifications works the same way.

(Note: To keep the view clean, you will not see expired certifications. However, all certifications, current and expired, can be seen when clicking on the coach's profile)

Additional Benefits

  • Automatic reminders are sent via email to coaches 60, 30, 15 and 5 days from an expiring certification.
  • You never have to leave your table of coaches to edit each coach's certifications.

If you have feedback, please email support@finalforms.com. Enjoy!