Streamline Communication with Automated Processes and One-Click Features

Quick Search

Type a student name and locate his or her profile in seconds allowing you to update a physical expiration date, view a form or change eligibility status.

Physical Reminders for Parents

FinalForms sends automatic reminders to parents 60, 30, 15 and 5 days from a physical expiration date.

Certification Reminders for Coaches

FinalForms sends automatic reminders to coaches 60, 30, 15 and 5 days from a certification expiration date.


FinalForms uses the data input by parents during registration to create "E-Cards" featuring Emergency Medical Authorization information. E-Cards can be viewed on mobile devices and calls to parents, guardians or medical professionals can be made with one click. E-Cards also feature alerts to medical conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Food Allergy, Insect Sting Allergy or Seizures.

Eligibility Management

FinalForms uses color coding and simple icons to represent the status of completion of forms, physical expiration and general eligibility.

Sort, Print & Export

Administrative users can create lists by sorting students by class, gender, sport, team, eligibility status and more. Lists can be exported as Excel files or formats compatible with PowerSchool, BaumsPage and other software.

Manage, Print and Email Rosters

Rosters are automatically generated during student-athlete registration. Rosters can be emailed to other Schools, Athletic Directors or Coaches.

OHSAA Eligibility Reports

Administrators and Coaches can export rosters to the pre-formatted OHSAA Eligibility Report with one click! No more diggiing through paperwork to find birthdays or first date of attendance, they are automatically generated by data in FinalForms.

Athletic Directors

"The Final Forms system is a spectacular upgrade from our previous system of inputting data onto spreadsheets and making checkmarks or X’s to denote turned in forms. The support from Final Forms is as good as, if not better than their already great product."

– Michael Roark
Athletic Director, Bishop Watterson High School