Save time. Reduce liability. Guarantee compliance.



What is FinalForms?

FinalForms is the most advanced, intuitive and useful personal assistant suite for school districts in the US.


What exactly does FinalForms do?

FinalForms turns school, athletic and state forms into a customized, streamlined data collection process. Once Parents and Students complete this intuitive online process, Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, Athletic Trainers and Nurses can login to the easy-to-use system to view, manage and input relevant data.




How did FinalForms start?

While one FinalForms co-founder was coaching a high school cross country team, he saw the need for a reliable, efficient system to organize emergency medical information, physical expiration dates and much more.


How did we build it?

FinalForms started as a simple data collection system with a few bells and whistles. Currently, FinalForms is an evolving suite of data management tools enhancing compliance and communication within school districts. FinalForms is built using industry leading, scalable technology to accommodate an agile and forward-thinking business model.




Why is the FinalForms so passionate about their purpose?

FinalForms is built with a team of individuals who are or have been involved in schools. Every team member realizes the role data management plays in reducing liability, improving communication and guaranteeing compliance. As a result, FinalForms creates an improved school and a better playing field for children.



Who is the FinalForms team?

Clay Burnett - CEO – Coach & Athlete
Clay is a leader who started directing web-based businesses in 2001 and coaching cross country in 2004. He earned 2015 Coach of The Year honors when one of his athletes won his second straight state title and his girls finished 5th as a team.

Macklin Chaffee - CTO – Athlete
Macklin is a pioneering full stack developer and a professional athlete. He ran 3:56 for the mile, earning a spot on the line at the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Dave Baker - VP of Sales Coach

Griffith Chaffee - VP of Technology & Security – Athlete

Damian Huber - Account Manager, Michigan – Athlete

Derik Hulsey - Account Manager, Tennessee – Coach & Umpire

Corinne Taylor - Account Manager, Ohio – Athletic Director




When was FinalForms founded?

Founded in 2012.


When can I get started?

Schedule a demo today, launch FinalForms for your athletic department or school district in 10 days! 




Where was FinalForms founded?

FinalForms was founded in Ohio and is currently expanding service across the US.




Which athletic departments or school districts benefit from FinalForms most?

FinalForms earns praise and repeat business from public and private, urban and rural, large and small schools.



How much does FinalForms cost?

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Our Mission

Empowering Education & Athletics


Our Vision

To provide a platform for schools to improve education and promote healthy lifestyles.